Police say no crimes committed after hidden cameras found in East High School

An investigation revealed the cameras were used to monitor a custodian suspected of sleeping on the job
East High School
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MADISON, Wis. — Madison police said no crimes were committed after hidden cameras were discovered inside East High School last month.

Madison Metropolitan School District Superintendent Carlton Jenkins sent a letter to families Tuesday night and provided an update on the investigation.

A security assistant for the school originally found a hidden recording device in a coach’s office on Jan. 8. The investigation revealed devices had been installed to monitor the work activities of a custodian suspected of sleeping on the job during night shifts. Jenkins said the cameras were “angled in such a way to only capture the specified furniture and not capture any individuals in immediate proximity.”

The cameras were disabled after two weeks of monitoring the custodian yielded no results. Although the district said the use of the cameras went against its policies, police determined there was no intent to commit a crime.

“We are disheartened by the additional stress this situation has caused,” Jenkins wrote in the letter. “We will continue holding the safety of our students and staff as our highest priority.”

A local law firm is also conducting an internal investigation on behalf of the district. Jenkins said MMSD will release another update once that investigation concludes.