Police say man was holding ecstasy pills in his mouth

Madison police say suspect is repeat offender
Police say man was holding ecstasy pills in his mouth

Madison police said officers were conducting surveillance Saturday night on the city’s East Side when they noticed a man acting strangely near Highway 51 and Buckeye Road.

Officers said they approached Larry Davis, 33, who had exited a purple SUV in the 4800 block of Maher Avenue that undercover officers were targeting for possible drug activities.

A police sergeant questioned Davis about his activities in the area. Davis said that he was walking home, according to a police incident report.

But officers thought it seemed strange that Davis would exit a vehicle that could have provided him a ride to his home, when his home was a significant distance away, according to the incident report.

A sergeant felt Davis was acting strange, and then said Davis tried to swallow something, according to police.

The sergeant had a brief struggle with Davis, and he was taken into custody on charges of resisting a police officer and a probation violation.

Police said it was later determined Davis was hiding ecstasy pills in his mouth. Davis admitted he placed the narcotic into his mouth and tried to swallow it because he was scared, according to the incident report.

Madison police said Davis is one of 10 notified offenders from November 2011, all of whom represent the most violent and prolific repeat offenders in the community.