Police say cords have stopped appearing on Madison bike trail, still investigating

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police say they have not received any more reports of dangerous cords being strung across a bike trail on the city’s southwest side after stepping up patrols in the area.

The cords began appearing across a bridge on the Badger State Trail near Allied Drive late last month, with bicyclists reporting them to police several mornings in a row. The cords were discovered in the early morning hours before sunrise, with one biker saying he did not see the cord before hitting it.

“At the last fraction of a second (I) saw something that was across the bridge — when I say a fraction of a second — my bike lights illuminated it and I was on the ground here,” Gregg A. Goldstein told News 3 Now last month.

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Goldstein said he hit the cord at neck level while he was going about 15 mph on his bike, causing him to crash. For several mornings after that incident, he slowed down in the area and again found the cords. Sometimes, the person responsible used thicker cords like USB cables, and other times used thinner but stronger cords that could have been more dangerous.

Police began patrolling the area and also found cords strung up. Eventually, the instances stopped without police catching the person involved.

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Still, police officials say they are continuing to investigate the case — as well as their deterrent efforts on the trail, which included expanded patrols.

“We will continue to work to do our best to ensure our cyclists and pedestrians remain safe in Madison,” P.O. Hunter Lisko told News 3 Now on Friday.

In the meantime, police are still encouraging bicyclists to be aware of their surroundings when on area bike paths.