Police report: Culver’s employee with disabilities fired over stalking allegations

Police report: Culver’s employee with disabilities fired over stalking allegations
Stephanie Calloway and her son, Steven Severson

Police documents show a McFarland man, who has disabilities, was fired from his job at Culver’s after being warned to stop contacting another employee outside of work.

Steve Severson worked as a server at the McFarland Culver’s since 1998. Severson has a cognitive disability and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but his mother, Stephanie Calloway, said he’s been able to manage at work through a job coach.

Calloway originally told News 3 she was not aware of any problems her son had at work and believed he was fired without reason.

Police documents released to News 3 Thursday show Severson followed a coworker home and called her after being asked to stop. The woman told police she has experience working with other people with special needs.

She told police she didn’t report the incidents earlier because she didn’t feel threatened by him until he followed her home. The police report was filed five days after Severson was fired.

According to the police report, Culver’s managers told Severson if he had contact with other employees outside of work again, he would be fired.

Severson reportedly called the woman two days later, and he was fired from Culver’s the next day, police said.

Calloway told News 3 Thursday that their family attorney is looking at the police report, and she didn’t want to comment other than to say that the woman had been a friend of Severson’s and exchanged phone numbers with him.

Calloway said the incident has to do with Severson’s disability.

Culver’s previously issued a statement saying because this is a personnel matter, they are not able to comment on the incident.