Police release video of man suspected in West Towne Mall assaults

Police release video of man suspected in West Towne Mall assaults

Video of suspect in West Towne sexual assault case

Madison police released surveillance video showing a man who might be connected to two sexual assault cases at West Towne Mall.

Police said a teenage girl was groped and followed by a man at a Madison mall Sunday afternoon.

Madison police said a 13-year-old was emotional and distraught after being molested by a stranger inside West Towne Mall at about 2:45 p.m.

The girl was shopping with a friend when the man touched her buttocks on the outside of her dress with the back of his hand, according to the report.

The teens then left for another store. The man followed, and this time he grabbed the victim’s chest and buttocks. She pushed him away and the girls fled. The girl called her parents who told her to summon police.

Madison police spokesman said both girls were “incredibly upset,” and the victim broke into “uncontrollable tears” as she relayed information to the investigating officer.

Another teenage has stepped forward after this incident was first reported and said she was also touched inappropriately by the same man. She said it happened a couple weeks ago, but was never reported.

The assailant was described as white, in his 30s, with a thin build and a shaved head with some stubble. He was wearing a green sweater and blue jeans.