Police release report on officer involved in shooting

Madison police released its full report on Stephen Heimsness, the officer who shot and killed a Madison man last fall.

The report, coming in at roughly 1,500 pages, revealed Officer Heimsness has been investigated eight times for excessive use of force during his 15 years with the Madison Police Department.

He was disciplined for just one of those instances. Heimsness was either exonerated or the allegation was found to be false in all other incidents.

The documents also provided a detailed account of the Nov. 9 shooting from accounts by neighbors and witnesses.

In an interview with police after the November shooting, when he shot and killed Paul Heenan, Heimsness broke down more than once. He told investigators he was mad because Paul Heenan “made me shoot him,” according to the documents, referencing when Heenan allegedly went after Heimsness and reached for his gun.

The documents do not mention two other incidents involving Officer Heimsness, both of which are keeping him on administrative leave. Police Chief Noble Wray said the internal investigations are ongoing.