Police recover remains of pet thrown from vehicle during May car theft

Madison police

MADISON, Wis. — A Madison Police Department property room clerk discovered the lost ashes of a woman’s pet while taking inventory of the items recovered from an abandoned backpack that was found on North Segoe Road.

In May, thieves stole a Jeep from an Island Drive home and took it on a joyride across the Odana Hills Golf Course. The owner of the Jeep had the cremated remains of her two Scottish Terriers in the Jeep when it was stolen.

The thieves who stole the car tossed the pets’ remains out of the window during their joyride. The remains of one pet were found within days of the incident at the golf course.

The victim had been hoping to recover the remains of the other pet until the property room clerk discovered them.

The clerk called the cremation company that had its name attached to the ashes in an attempt to identify the owner of the remains. A Burglary Crime Unit detective subsequently contacted the victim to let her know the good news.