Police: Panhandler asks for $5, grabs wallet, attacks man

Police: Panhandler asks for $5, grabs wallet, attacks man
Roy A. Mitchell III, 34, no permanent address

A man attempted to steal all of another man’s cash after asking the stranger for $5 early Saturday, police said.

Madison police said a Madison man agreed to give a panhandler $5, but when he took out his wallet, the panhandler grabbed all the man’s cash.

The man and his wife had just parked their car on the 2400 block of Perry Street at 2:18 a.m. when the panhandler, later identified as Roy A. Mitchell II, 34, approached them, police said.

Mitchell tried to run, but the man caught him. Mitchell then reportedly grabbed a stick and began swinging it, striking the man.

The man’s wife called police.

The man was able to wrestle the stick from Mitchell, but Mitchell then wrapped a forearm around the man’s neck, nearly causing him to lose consciousness, police said.

Mitchell was charged with battery, impeding breathing by pressure on the throat, theft by pocket picking, resisting or obstructing and a probation hold.

Mitchell is homeless, according to the report.