Police: ‘Operation Kitty Rescue’ successful

Bane is healthy, up for adoption
Police: ‘Operation Kitty Rescue’ successful

Madison police and engineering staff worked together over three days to rescue a kitten from a sewer drain on the west side, according to a release.

Police first responded Aug. 17 at 1 a.m. on North High Point Road to try and help the kitten, according to the release.

The team left a blanket hanging into the drain hoping the kitten would dig in her claws and climb up, officials said.

When the kitten didn’t climb out of the drain service workers from Madison and Dane County tried placing different types of live traps into the drain, according to the release.

An off-duty officer returned with his family on the third day of “Operation Kitty Rescue” and scooped her out of the drain with a net, board and gloves, officials said.

The officer’s daughter picked the name “Bane” after the Batman character who lives in the sewers, according to the release.

Bane was taken to the Dane County Humane Society. She is healthy and up for adoption.