Police: Neighbor sees man swipe bike, hours later spots him with bike at park, calls police

Jose Lino 1280

MADISON, Wis. — A 56-year-old man is accused of stealing a Madison woman’s bike from her porch Tuesday and another bike in a prior incident, police said.

The Madison Police Department said a neighbor spotted a man at about 6:30 a.m. checking doors of parked cars in the Clark Court area.

According to the report, the neighbor told police he watched as the same man swiped a $700 Trek road bike off of a Clark Court woman’s porch. The neighbor, and the woman reported all of this to an officer who was called to the scene.

Several hours later, just before noon, the neighbor spotted the same man sitting on a bench at Brittingham Park with the stolen bike right next to him. The witness called 911.

When an officer arrived, the suspect provided a fake name and said he had just gotten to Madison 15 days earlier from Havana, Cuba, via the Chicago area. The suspect, identified as Jose A. Lino, told the officer he bought the Trek bike from a guy for $10.

Lino was taken to the Dane County Jail.

Police said a downtown Madison officer was able to use surveillance images to connect Lino to an earlier bike theft. Cameras reportedly captured Lino taking a 23-year-old man’s bicycle just after midnight on Aug. 24. The victim had locked it to a rack in the 100 block of State Street.

The officer interviewed Lino at the jail, and police said Lino admitted to stealing the State Street bike. He said he no longer had the bike because he sold it for $10.

With her blessing, police gave the Clark Court victim’s bike to her alert neighbor who brought it back to her just hours after it was stolen, police said.

Lino is facing two tentative theft charges, police said.