Police meet with students over Mifflin Block Party rules

Police will monitor porch capacities at Mifflin Block Party

Madison police met with University of Wisconsin-Madison students Wednesday to go over new rules for the annual Mifflin Street Block Party.

Police are trying to prevent a repeat of the violence that marred last year’s alcohol-fueled party by stopping any trouble before it starts.

Police officers called it an effort to be upfront with residents on Mifflin Street about expectations for the event on May 5.

Officers went door to door Wednesday, talking with students and sharing new changes to this year’s block party.

Alcohol was allowed to be sold and consumed on public property last year for the first time ever. Police said alcohol won’t be allowed on public property this year.

“We’re expecting 100 percent compliance this year with all city ordinances,” said Lt. Dave McCaw, of the Madison Police Department.

During last year’s event, two people were stabbed and three officers were injured. Police said many of the new changes are aimed at preventing similar incidents this year.

“There are very few people who live here year after year, so for many of them, this is fresh information. And because of the changes that happen year to year on Mifflin, each year changes,” McCaw said.

Last year’s police costs for the event totaled $130,000.

The city has also banned bands and DJs from next weekend’s event.

Another big change this year is the addition of “No Trespassing” signs at the request of Mifflin Street landlords.

“Many of the properties on both sides of the street are posted ‘No Trespassing.’ So basically if you don’t know somebody or if you’re not invited to those locations on the day of the event, you could be held for the trespassing and be arrested for that,” McCaw said.

The city of Madison said if this year’s party gets out of control, it will shut down the annual tradition for good.