Police: Man texting while driving crashes into tree

Man said he used heroin hours before crash, police say
Police: Man texting while driving crashes into tree

Madison police said a man who crashed into a tree Friday afternoon admitted to texting while driving.

Police said Chaz Ring-Noonan, 26, of Sun Prairie, said he dropped his phone while texting and driving on the 6000 block of Hammersley Road.

He said he reached down to get the phone from the floorboard and swerved across the oncoming lane of Hammersley Road traffic and into a tree, police said.

When an officer arrived, the small SUV was on top of a large downed tree.

A syringe was found near the SUV and drug paraphernalia was inside the vehicle, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

Ring-Noonan told police that he had ingested heroin hours earlier, but maintained he crashed because of texting, according to the incident report.

A witness said Ring-Noonan was driving at high speeds just before knocking down the tree.

Police said Ring-Noonan was cited for texting while driving, imprudent speed and failure to control his vehicle.

Madison police said blood tests will determine if additional charges are filed.