Police: Man seen jumping on car hood taken to hospital

Madison Police Department

A man seen jumping on the hood of a car on Madison’s west side Monday during rush hour traffic was later taken to the hospital, police said.

Madison police responded to a report of a man making threatening statements at the Meadowood Neighborhood Center on Raymond Road at 4:19 p.m. Police said a man was screaming, making threatening statements and pounding his fists on a desk.

There were many teens in the area at the time, and as police arrived, the suspect took off running into traffic on Raymond Road, according to the report. Many drivers stopped to avoid hitting the 34-year-old.

He jumped up and down on the hood and roof of one occupied car, and attempted to do the same on another, but ended up rolling off of the hood.

According to the report, he urged officers to kill him, and finally sat down after one drew, but did not use, a Taser. Throughout the entire episode the man talked about the government, conspiracies and he told police all information about his life is classified. The man was taken to a hospital.