Police: Man pulls gun on boy in crosswalk

Boy provides descriptions to police
Police: Man pulls gun on boy in crosswalk

A 12-year-old Madison boy told police a man in a van pulled a gun on him while he was riding a long board Tuesday afternoon.

The boy told police he was in a crosswalk crossing North Sherman Avenue just south of Northport Drive when a woman driving a van pulled into his path, cutting him off. He said he got off the board and as he walked around the front of the stopped van a passenger displayed a handgun and pulled the slide back as if to chamber a round.

The boy fled to a friend’s house, and he told his parents about the incident who called police the next day.

The driver of the van is described as white, in her 30s, with light brown hair in a ponytail. The passenger is described as black, in his 30s with a large build and puffy hair worn under a flat brimmed baseball cap and a black sweatshirt or jacket. The van is described as white and possibly a Dodge Sprinter with a type of green vine design on its’ sides and back.