Police: Man fought police, K-9 during standoff

Standoff ended early Tuesday morning
Police: Man fought police, K-9 during standoff
Steven Boyle

A Madison man was taken into custody early Tuesday morning after a 11-hour standoff on Madison’s west side, officials said.

Steven P. Boyle, 51, of Madison, violently resisted police during the apprehension, according to a release. Several officers were treated at local hospitals after being exposed to Boyle’s blood.

Police said a MPD police dog was also injured after being choked by Boyle.

Crews responded to the 400 block of Berwyn Drive around 2:30 p.m. Monday after receiving information that Boyle might have a gun and was threatening to kill neighbors and a police officer, officials said.

Boyle has an extensive criminal history and has fled from or resisted officers previously, according to the release.

Negotiators attempted to contact Boyle and convince him to come out peacefully, officials said. Boyle did not respond to officers’ attempts to communicate with him.

At one point, officers heard sounds of a chain saw coming from inside the house, according to the release.

Early Tuesday morning authorities decided to throw a chemical agent into the house, but Boyle remained inside the house and continued not responding to police, police said. An hour later, the SWAT team entered the house.

“At one point in the early morning hours we deployed a chemical agent, a gas, into the house hoping to encourage him to come out. That didn’t work so our SWAT team did make entry into the house,” Madison Police Public Information Officer Joel DeSpain said.

A robot and K-9 were used to search the building, authorities said. Boyle was found in the basement and began throwing objects, including a paint can, at officers.

Police gained access to the room Boyle was barricaded in and sent K-9 Gildon into the room, according to the release. Boyle attacked Gildon by forcefully putting his hands around the K-9’s neck.

“He then proceeded to start choking one of our police dogs and the SWAT team members then get into that room. Our SWAT members were able to save the dog from being killed, but there was a very violent struggle that took place,” said DeSpain.

Upon entry into the room, a violent confrontation started between officers and Boyle, officials said. Officers attempted to use a Taser on Boyle during the altercation, and he was eventually taken into custody.

K-9 Gildon got a cut on his nose during the confrontation.

Boyle was taken into custody on charges of felony parole violation, according to the release. Additional charges will be added.

Police remain on scene and will be conducting a thorough search of the residence.