Police: Man forced his way into apartment he thought was his

Father struggled to keep man out of apartment
Police: Man forced his way into apartment he thought was his
Quintin Olmstead

A man who mistakenly tried to get a family out of what he thought was his apartment was arrested on numerous charges Sunday night, according to a release from Madison police.

Police were called when a man tried to get into an apartment in the 600 block of Main Street. Two children and their parents were inside when the 48-year-old father opened the door to help the man. He told police it appeared the man had been drinking, and when he opened the door he was “bum-rushed,” which prompted a pushing match as the father tried to get the man out of the apartment.

The father said he got the man, Quintin E. Olmstead, 23, of Madison, into the common hallway while his wife called 911. The children were told to stay in the apartment with the door locked.

Olmstead threatened the father, threw punches and yelled, “I’m gonna take my house back,” according to police.

Neighbors tried to help by getting Olmstead to try using his key on the apartment door to show that it wasn’t his apartment. Olmstead said someone changed the locks. Police said he was still trying to get the key to work when they arrived. Police said he also struggled with officers.

Olmstead was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass, battery, resisting and five counts of disorderly conduct.

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