Police: Man claiming to be ‘Spartacus’ smashes windows

Windows damaged at 3 businesses
Police: Man claiming to be ‘Spartacus’ smashes windows

A man claiming to be “Spartacus” used a fire extinguisher to smash windows at three downtown businesses, according a release from Madison police.

Officers were called to Heritage Tavern at 131 E. Mifflin St. at 12:59 a.m. Sunday for a report of a drunken man wielding a fire extinguisher.

Witnesses told police they saw Maxwell J. Kleinhaus, 23, break a window at the bar. Police found another witness who said Klainhaus was seen using the fire extinguisher to also smash windows at Sol’s On The Square and Bartell Theater, both on Mifflin Street.

Staff members at Heritage Tavern were able to corral Kleinhaus, police said.

Witnesses told police that while he was breaking the glass he was yelling and screaming. Police said in the back of the squad car he loudly proclaimed to be “Spartacus.”

Kleinhaus was cited on suspicion of criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.