Police: Man breaks into home, falls asleep on couch

Michigan man tells police he doesn't know why he was sleeping there
Police: Man breaks into home, falls asleep on couch
Justin Geborek

A Michigan man told Madison police he didn’t know why he was sleeping on a stranger’s couch after he broke in early Saturday morning, according to a release.

A 23-year-old East Johnson Street resident called police from her closet around 5:15 a.m. reporting that she heard her front door crashing in, police said.

The 23-year-old tried texting her roommate, who was asleep in another bedroom, but she didn’t get a response, according to the release. Officers entered the home after finding the door had been forced open and found a man, Justin T. Geborek, 44, of Lake Linden, Michigan, sleeping on the couch.

Police said the man was barefoot and wearing a sports jersey that the 23-year-old’s roommate had left on the front porch with a bag full of other athletic gear.

Geborek told police he did not mean to alarm anyone, and he did not know why he was sleeping on the women’s couch.

He was arrested on tentative charges of criminal trespass to a dwelling and criminal damage to property.

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