Police: Man arrested for allegedly punching bus driver

Man found at North Transfer Point, allegedly kneed officer, officials say
Police: Man arrested for allegedly punching bus driver
Tommy L. Crawford

A Madison man was arrested for punching a Metro bus driver Saturday night around 8:15, according to a release.

Tommy L. Crawford, 53, got on a Metro bus on State Street when he started to create a disturbance, officials said. The bus driver stopped near Metro headquarters at 1101 E. Washington Ave. to ask another Metro employee to assist in asking Crawford to leave the bus.

Crawford punched the employee in the face and fled the scene, according to the release.

Police said they located Crawford at the North Transfer Point. When police told Crawford he was being arrested, he intentionally kneed the officer.

Crawford was eventually taken in custody on charges of substantial battery, battery to a police officer and disorderly conduct, according to the release.

The Metro employee sustained a fractured nose and was taken to local hospital, officials said. One officer sustained a minor injury.

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