Police look for man who attacked 15-year-old Iowa fan

Police look for man who attacked 15-year-old Iowa fan

University of Wisconsin police are looking for help finding a man who attacked a 15-year-old Iowa fan after Saturday’s game at Camp Randall Stadium.

Police said the Iowa fan was leaving the stadium with friends after the game when an unidentified man punched him in the face. The teen told police he was mildly teasing his friend, a Badger fan, about the Iowa win when the attacker approached him and struck him in the face.

The boy suffered bruising and scratching to his face, but wasn’t seriously injured.

“We pride ourselves on being good Badgers and what is a good Badger? It is respectful of everybody no matter who you are rooting for,” said Marc Lovicott, public information officer for the UW-Madison Police Department. “To have this occur inside Camp Randall, specifically, to a boy, 15-year-old boy, unprovoked, regardless of whether it was provoked or not is just unacceptable.”

The attacker fled into the crowd exiting the stadium. He’s described as 20-25 years old, and was wearing a red shirt and jeans. He was last seen leaving the upper deck of the south stadium ramp. Lovicott said the “minimal” description is in part because of a lack of community assistance.

“What’s a little concerning and disappointing to us even further is that nobody stepped forward when this happened to assist this 15 year old or to stick around and be a good witness and help us identify who this person was,” Lovicott said.

UW Athletics officials said this behavior runs counter to their program to “Roll Out the Red Carpet” to visiting fans.

“We want our fans to be loud, we want them to be enthusiastic,” Senior Associate Athletic Director Justin Doherty said. “We don’t want the other team to leave feeling good, at the same time we never want anybody to feel unsafe or in danger in any way.”

While in this case no one offered assistance to the fan, Doherty said beyond the uniformed officers and security in the stadium, fans can also report bad behavior via text and an app.

“I think we’ve created a lot of goodwill,” Doherty said. “Our program has, I know for a fact that it’s been praised widely and I think we’re proud of that. At the same time when something happens we don’t feel good about that and want to try to make sure things like that don’t happen again.”

Anyone with information about the attack is asked to contact the UW-Madison Police Department at 608-264-2677.