Police K-9s search plant grounds, 3 employees arrested

Three plastics plant employees were arrested and one was cited after police K-9s searched a Portage company’s facility and parking lot Wednesday night, according to a news release.

Portage police said management from the Penda Corp. facility on West Wisconsin Street requested that police search the property. The request reportedly stemmed from complaints management received.

Police dogs from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and Portage PD searched the Penda plant and parking lot at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

During the search, the dogs alerted handlers to possible drug presence at several locations, according to the news release. Three employees were arrested on suspicion of drug-related charges. One employee was issued a citation and signed a voluntary termination agreement with Penda. Two other employees were suspended until cleared to return.

Portage police said Friday morning that it was not releasing the names of the employees pending further investigation.