Police issue warning about toy gun shaped cellphone cases

Police issue warning about toy gun shaped cellphone cases

Law enforcement officers across the country are using social media to issue warning about a toy gun shaped cell phone case being sold online.  The concern is that responding police officers will mistake the case for a real gun.

“For us, it is a huge safety issue and it is really a big concern,” says Marc Lovicott, public information officer for the University of Wisconsin Madison Police Department.  “This is about common sense and public safety.  If anybody sees what looks like a weapon coming out from somebody’s pocket or next to their ear, they are going to call us, and our officers have seconds to react, and they have seconds to figure out, does this person have a real gun?  What am I going to do to make sure I’m safe and the people around me are safe?”

The UW Madison Police Department used their Twitter account to caution followers of the danger of carrying the toy gun cell phone case.  They were joined by law enforcement agencies in New York City, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California.

“For us, it is dangerous.  I mean, you talk about a public safety issue when you’ve got somebody with a cellphone in their pocket with a gun handle hanging out, and you don’t know if that’s a real gun or not,” says Lovicott.

The toy gun cell phone case is easily found online.  One site listed the product as sold out.