Police investigate report of man in van offering Janesville student ride

Officers investigated a report of a man following a girl to school last week and asking the child if she wanted a ride in his van, police said.

The Janesville Police Department said a concerned citizen reported Monday that a suspicious vehicle had followed a student in the area of Franklin Middle School. The driver asked the student if she wanted a ride.

The man and the van were seen by a separate person and student who gave the child he had approached a ride to school instead.

Police had described the driver as black and bald with a beard. He was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and was 30-40 years old

Police said the van was described as red or brown and in poor condition. The back of the van is grey or silver and it has a black rear bumper.

On Thursday, officials said that the person of interest in the case was identified and questioned by police. There wasn’t probable cause to arrest the man, the report said.