Police investigate children’s welfare after parents found OD’d in west side home

Madison police are investigating after children were found covered in fecal matter and living in a home officers said was in “complete disarray.”

A home in the 5000 block of Hammersley Road on Madison’s west side has been investigated three times in the past two months. The first investigation started after a man was found dead inside the home in March. Police have since confirmed the man overdosed on drugs.

The most recent investigation is being done by MPD Special Victims’ Unit. Detectives executed a search warrant Wednesday to check on the welfare of four children living at the Hammersley Road residence.

Lt. Matt Tye is the supervisor for the Special Victim’s Unit and was not able to disclose many details. He said he is not aware of the current location of the four children who police say were neglected. Their future care is being determined by Child Protective Services.

Police investigate children’s welfare after parents found OD’d in west side homeThe search warrant came after officers were called to the home at the beginning of the month.

A criminal complaint filed on April 4 in Dane County District Court states Brittany Pearson, 31, and Will Weaver, 58, have been living at the Hammersley Road home with four children, ages 7, 2, 1 and an infant.

The complaint states on April 1 Pearson’s mother arrived at the home to check on the children when she found her daughter and Weaver unresponsive. The children were then found unattended, covered in fecal matter. The eldest child was not inside the home. There was also a small amount of food found in the kitchen and two dirty bottles that were empty on the floor.

Pearson’s mother called police to investigate. Two officers, Madison firefighters and an ambulance arrived at the scene shortly after.

The complaint states after receiving Narcan, a drug used to treat opiate users, Pearson and Weaver were arrested. They were charged with possession of narcotic drugs and three counts each of child neglect.

The April 1 incident led to Wednesday’s search warrant execution, as officers wanted to check on the welfare of the children.

Tye said as of right now, they’re focusing on the well-being of the children and helping the family.

“In these types of cases in particular, we’re not looking at punitive repercussions. Those certainly can be there, but we’re really trying to do as best we can to help the family heal, get resources for the family and get the family and the children in a better place,” Tye said.

Tye also confirmed a man was found dead inside the same Hammersley Road home last month. He said it was a drug overdose that killed him. Tye’s team is not working that investigation, and could not say if the death is related in any way to Weaver or Pearson.

Weaver and Pearson are not currently in police custody, and it is unclear if they will receive additional charges after Wednesday’s investigation.