Police investigate after another counterfeit bill found

Several counterfeit bills show up in Madison

Madison police said they are investigating after many counterfeit bills have been reported in the city in recent weeks.

On Sept. 4, Madison police were called to Capitol Petro Mart, 2702 E. Washington Avenue, after a customer tried to pay for gas using a very real looking, but counterfeit, $5 bill. The serial number was IA90610799A.

A fake $20 bill, with serial number IF9634064G, was passed at the Red Roof Inn, 4830 Hayes Rd., on Sept. 3, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

On Aug. 27, a bogus $20 showed up at Walmart, 4198 Nakoosa Trail, police said. The serial number was IB60173777A.

On Aug. 25, three counterfeit $20 bills were used at McDonald’s, 6910 Odana Rd. Two had the same serial number: JG11392554A. The third phony bill had serial number JG62128332A, police said.