Police identify suspect in ‘strange’ attack

Man tossed grocery bag of milk at 2 women, officials say
Police identify suspect in ‘strange’ attack
Jared Abington

Madison police have named a suspect in the “strange” attack that happened outside a Madison grocery store.

Two women, both 24, were about to walk into Woodman’s at 3817 Milwaukee St. on Saturday night when a man tossed a grocery bag containing milk at them, according to police. The jug burst when it struck one of the women’s legs.

Police said the man then hit each victim once in the face, sending each of them to the pavement.

A witness said that after the attack the man was laughing as he fled west on Milwaukee Street.

Police said they have probable cause to arrest Jared Abington, 30, for the assault. Anyone who sees Abington should call 911.

Abington should be considered dangerous as the batteries were unprovoked, according to a release.

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