Police ID person offering kids candy; Determine no crimes were committed

Sun Prairie PD says two incidents happened in past month

Sun Prairie police said they have identified and talked with one of the people offering kids candy while driving around, and have determined no crimes were committed.

Police said Wednesday morning they received two reports in the past month of a man offering kids candy while driving around in a gray sedan.

The most recent incident happened after school Tuesday.

According to police, a student reported walking home from school when a gray-four-door sedan pulled up to the side of the road. Police said the passenger told the student he had candy in the car. The student ran to a friend’s house and the car drove away.

Police said on Wednesday afternoon a student contacted one of their school liaison officers with information about that incident.

The vehicle occupants were identified, and after talking with them police determined no crimes were committed and there was no criminal intent, according to a release.

Police said another student said that within the past month, he and a friend were walking home from the bus stop when a gray or silver four-door sedan pulled up and someone inside offered him candy. The student and the friend ran home, and the car drove away fast.

Officials said they are still investigating the second incident that was reported.

Police said in both cases, there was no physical contact between student and people inside the car. Both incidents occurred in the Stoneridge Estates neighborhood.