Police: Homicide victim worked as caregiver, shot near group home neighbors say has ‘issues’

MADISON, Wis. – As Town of Madison Police continue their search for the person who shot and killed 48-year-old Antonio Shaw Monday night, they’re releasing more about the circumstances surrounding the shooting, along with the victim.

Chief Scott Gregory confirmed that Shaw worked as a caretaker at a group home on the 2600 block of Badger Lane. Gregory said the homicide happened on the odd side of the road in the Town’s jurisdiction, while the group home Shaw worked at was across the street on the City’s side.

“It’s literally feet that makes a difference between jurisdictions,” he said.

For the most part, life on Badger Lane is peaceful and quiet for residents like Jerry and Carol Martens.

“We don’t have hardly any problems,” Jerry Martens said.

But on Monday, that changed.

“All of a sudden, bam bam bam bam, four gun shots,” Martens said. “I was afraid to answer the door (when police came.)”

“You’d never think in your own neighborhood someone’s going to be shot to death,” Carol Martens said. “It’s upsetting, you know.”

Gregory said the shooting wasn’t random, and Shaw was the intended target.

“The people in the group home are not being targeted by the suspect, so specific concerns for them by the department are really not there at this point,” Gregory said.

“There’s been issues coming from that place,” Martens said, referring to the group home where coworkers confirmed Shaw worked.

A records request for service calls from the City of Madison Police Department over the past five years shows ten disturbance calls, four battery calls, a death investigation and a weapons offense, which turned out to be Monday night’s homicide. For context, the description of the call doesn’t always encompass the full events once officers arrive, according to police.

Town of Madison Police are asking anyone who was nearby Monday night or has security footage in that area for the hour between 9 and 10 p.m. to contact them.

“We need to locate the suspect and bring him to justice for Mr. Shaw, his family and the community,” Gregory said, adding that Shaw has family in the Madison and Chicago area. “What you may have seen may be minor and unimportant to you, but as we put this case together and start collecting the information, every little piece is important.”

Gregory is asking anyone who had contact with Shaw on May 3 or 4 to talk with police, as well.