Police: Failed drug deal leads to robbery arrest

Victim said the 'crack' smelled like soap
Police: Failed drug deal leads to robbery arrest

Two Madison men were found fighting over $100 after a drug deal went bad Friday, according to police.

Police said a 53-year-old man met Friday afternoon with a man he thought was a drug dealer and drove him to an apartment in the 1500 block of Troy Drive to buy crack. The other man went into the apartment building and came out with a biggie containing a white chunky substance, but the victim told police he could tell by smelling it that was was some kind of soap.

The victim said he took back a $100 bill he had given Jermaine T. Ruffin, 39, and was belted in the head. The fight continued outside the car until a 35-year-old woman was able to get between the two men as police arrived, according to officers.

Police said they were unable to determine what cleaning product was in the baggie.

Ruffin was arrested on suspicion of attempted strong-armed robbery and falsely presenting a non-controlled substance.