Police: Drunk driver goes wrong direction on Beltline Highway

Spike strips used to stop SUV

Spike strips were needed to stop an intoxicated driver going the wrong way on the Beltline Highway Thursday morning, according to Madison police.

Witnesses first alerted police to the sport utility vehicle at about 2 a.m. when it was spotted going eastbound in the westbound lanes near the Highway 12 intersection with University Avenue.

The first officer to locate the SUV said he flashed a spotlight back and forth trying to get the driver to stop, but the driver went past.  The officer said he pursued the SUV, which slowed down but didn’t stop.

A second officer was able to use spike sticks to deflate the vehicle’s tires, bringing the car to a stop near Seminole Highway ,according to police.

Officers said numerous motorists had to make evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision.

Dalivanh Detthongthip, 34, of Cross Plaines was arrested on suspicion of second degree reckless endangerment, third degree operating a vehicle while under the influence, driving the wrong way on a divided highway, failure to obey an officer’s signal and reckless driving.