Police cite athletic director in hit-and-run crash

Sheriff: 45-year-old Monroe man was not intoxicated after crash
Police cite athletic director in hit-and-run crash
Monroe High School

Police cite athletic director in hit-and-run crash

A high school athletic director has been cited for leaving the scene of an early-morning crash in Green County.

David Hirsbrunner, 45, Monroe High School’s athletic director, was as cited for crossing the center line.

Green County authorities said Hirsbrunner sideswiped a semitrailer just south of New Glarus on Highway 69 around 2:25 a.m., then left the scene. He was found uninjured with an unnamed passenger by police behind a closed Citgo station in Monticello between wagons of hay.

The driver of the semitrailer, Jason D. Hesselbacher, 39, of Lena, Ill., reported the incident after Hirsbrunner allegedly fled the scene.

“The officer did issue a sobriety test at the scene and determined that he was not intoxicated,” Sheriff Mark Rohloff said. “This is just a typical type of violation we encounter on a frequent basis. We investigate them all the same, regardless of who the drivers are.”

Along with his duties as athletic director, Hirsbrunner has also helped coach the track and cross-country teams. His wife, Cory Hirsbrunner, is the superintendent of the Monroe School District.

Business administrator for the district, Ron Olsen, said Monday they were aware of the incident and would look into it, but he did not know if it would become a personnel matter. He said any action would come from the high school principal.

Cory Hirsbrunner did not comment, and News 3 was unable to reach David Hirsbrunner for comment. The president and vice president of the Monroe School Board also did not return messages.

David Hirsbrunner faces tentative charges for operating left of center and for a hit-and-run crash. He has been released pending a court appearance.