Police: Cars were racing at 80 mph in 30 mph zone

Cars were speeding down Raymond Road
Police: Cars were racing at 80 mph in 30 mph zone

Madison police said two drivers were racing neck-in-neck at speeds of about 80 mph down a street on Madison’s far west side where the speed limit is 30 mph.

Police said a Pontiac G6 and the Chevy Camaro were speeding in the 5300 block of Raymond Road at about 6 p.m. on Sept. 29.

A Madison police officer was using a laser gun, conducting traffic enforcement, at that very moment as the cars traveled his way, at high speeds, quickly outpacing other cars on the well-traveled thoroughfare.

At first the Camaro was in front by a couple of car lengths, but the driver of the G6 was determined, pushing the accelerator down, until he and the Camaro were side-by-side, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

Police said the officer locked in on the G6 as it hit 81 mph. The Camaro was estimated to be going slightly slower.

Both drivers pulled over, and both related a story about how this started with the G6 driver cutting off the Camaro driver, but they disagreed over whether it was an intentional act.

The Camaro driver responded to it with some profanity and, in turn, cut the G6 driver off. The G6 driver said he then sped up to try to overtake the Camaro, a decision which he later told the officer was a “stupid,” according to the incident report.

He told the officer he continued to gun the engine so he would not be cut off again.

“That’s why it looks like we were racing, but in reality we were not,” he told the officer, according to the incident report.

The officer replied that: “When two cars travel side-by-side, at a high rate of speed, trying to pull ahead of one another, it is considered racing in the eye of the law.”

The driver concurred and apologized to the officer, according to the incident report.

The second driver argued that he was not going as fast as the G6. The officer agreed his Camaro was running slightly slower as the cars passed his position, but the officer believes that’s because the Camaro driver saw the laser and hit the brakes, according to the incident report.

Police said Salvador J. Tecpoyotl Daniel, 24, of Madison, was cited and released for racing on a highway and operating without a valid driver’s license.

Peter J. Schroeder, 26, of Dodgeville, was cited and released for racing on a highway, police said.