Police can’t find suspect in restaurant sexual assault

Cross Plains restaurant has closed since investigation began

There has still been no arrest or formal charges for the suspect police identified in connection with a sexual assault at a Cross Plains restaurant.

The restaurant at the center of the investigation, Cinco de Mayo, has closed.

The victim of the alleged rape said seeing the restaurant closed is a sign the case may be moving forward. But several questions still remain about the investigation.

Two weeks ago, the Cross Plains Police Department recommended to the Dane County District Attorney’s Office that a charge of first-degree sexual assault be filed against 23-year-old Alejandro Gonzalez-Carmona.

Police said they haven’t been able to find Gonzalez-Carmona.

This past weekend, the restaurant where he worked, Cinco de Mayo, shut its doors.

In August, the 42-year-old victim told police she went into Cinco de Mayo to pick up takeout food. While waiting for the order, the victim accepted a margarita from employees, and that’s when she said she began feeling foggy in the head.

The victim told police that employees led her into a back storage room and raped her.

Cross Plains Police Chief Thomas Janssen said the department has not been able to locate Gonzalez-Carmona.

The Dane County District Attorney’s Office said prosecutors have yet to go through the charging recommendations from Cross Plains police.

Police can’t find suspect in restaurant sexual assault

The office acknowledged the possibility of Gonzalez-Carmona leaving the area, but prosecutors said they expect to review the case and make a decision on possible formal charges within the next two weeks.