Police: Calls reporting crime then soliciting donations are scams

Dozens of Monroe residents have reported similar scam calls
Police: Calls reporting crime then soliciting donations are scams

Monroe police are investigating complaints of scam phone calls where the caller claims to be from a law enforcement agency, according to a release.

Dozens of residents have reported getting phone calls from callers claiming to be from various Wisconsin police agencies, including the Monroe Police Department, officials said. The caller tells the person who answers the phone that a prisoner just escaped from custody, and that the person should immediately lock their doors and windows.

After the initial information is given, the callers then solicits the person for a donation to the law enforcement agency they are claiming to be with, according to the release.

“The Monroe Police Department does not use this type of call to report crimes in progress, and would never combine those calls with a solicitation attempt,” the release said. “Some law enforcement agencies use a reverse 911 calling system for this type of crime warning, but those are likely to be message calls only, or cellphone text messages, and not a live person. But these calls would not be associated with a solicitation either.”

Officials ask anyone who receives these types of calls to document the number the call is coming from and report it to local police.