Police arrest man they say tried to coax women into alleys multiple times

Duane Addison mug

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police used surveillance images to arrest a man who they say approached women in their 20s and tried to get them to follow him into back alleys.

Police said in an incident report that Duane Addison, 44, approached a 21-year-old woman around 1:50 a.m. Wednesday on University Avenue and asked her to come with him into the Hawthorne Court alleyway.

“He said something about his car being broken down with both his son and grandson inside, and that police were already on their way with gas,” police said in the report.

Police said the woman walked away, and Addison followed her “for a distance” trying to talk to her.

Addison told police he had been panhandling.

At least three young women have contacted police about a suspicious stranger, according to police. They all told officers the man would talk to them about needing help with a car, assistance with a grandchild or other requests the women didn’t believe.