Police: 5 arrested in East Side prostitution sting

MPD says arrests are part of a crackdown on area online sex trade
Police: 5 arrested in East Side prostitution sting
Booking photos for Clyde Boyd, Samantha Lovick and Desiree Wilks. No photos provided for Dorothy Ashford or Kevin Schultz.

Two men and three women were arrested Thursday on suspicion of charges related to a prostitution sting on the Far East side, Madison Police said.

The Department’s Community Policing Teams (North and East) worked on a collaborative project focused on reducing Internet prostitution and associated crimes in Madison.

Samantha Lovick, 18, of Portage, Wis., was charged with prostitution, probation violation, trespassing, miscellaneous warrants and felony bail jumping.  Clyde Boyd, 24, was arrested on suspicion of soliciting prostitutes and trespassing; Dorothy Ashford, 20, on suspicion of solicitation; Kevin Schultz, 48, on suspicion of trespassing and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia; and Desiree Wilks, 20, on suspicion of trespassing.

According to the report, alleged prostitution around the 5000 block of East Washington Avenue had led to other crimes in the area such as batteries and robberies.

Madison Police Officer Howard Payne said the crackdown was related to what police saw as a growing problem in that area of the city.

“There was an emerging problem that needed to be addressed,” Payne said.  “With respect to victimless crimes, and the efforts of all involved parties resulted in a successful operation.”