Pocan speaks out against trade deal

Congressman wants to get info to public on partnership with 11 other countries
Pocan speaks out against trade deal
Rep. Mark Pocan

Rep. Mark Pocan spoke out against a trade deal that he said is cruising through Congress.

Pocan, along with members of the Communication Workers of America, rallied at the Madison Labor Temple Wednesday.

Pocan said he wants to get more information out to the public about the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal being worked on between the U.S. and 11 other countries.

“This is something that unfortunately time after time has cost us jobs and it’s not just the labor market — this is talking about food safety, this is talking about environmental regulations, this is talking about currency policy,” Pocan said.

The legislation is on the fast track in Congress, meaning lawmakers can vote for or against it, but cannot make any changes.

Pocan said Congress should not give up its authority to oversee foreign trade agreements.