Pocan reacts to GOP health care bill

Pocan reacts to GOP health care bill

Congressman Mark Pocan reacted to the GOP health care plan Monday after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated 14 million Americans will lose health care coverage next year. The CBO predicts that number will increase to 24 million in 2026.

Pocan said the plan sounds more like a “nobody gets care plan” instead of the “American Health Care Act,” as Republicans are calling it.

“What they’re doing now, I would argue, is more of a tax cut for the wealthy bill with a side of health care,” Pocan said. “What we said all along is we were afraid that fewer people would have health care out of this and that people would be paying more for it. And we found exactly that.”

The audience also expressed concern with the price of prescription drugs.

Pocan said the good news was that the Affordable Care Act set standards, like providing health care for those with pre-existing conditions.

Audience members asked what constituents should do about Trump administration policies they disagree with. Pocan encouraged attendees to continue contacting their Congress people about issues they care about.

Attendees wanted to discuss Russia’s involvement in the presidential election and questioned why Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not face repercussions after conversing with the Russian government.