Platte Clinic takes insurance out of health care

Platte Clinic takes insurance out of health care

A Platteville clinic is re-thinking health care by eliminating the middle man – insurance – and offering up a new membership model.

Platte Medical Clinic will open Aug. 3 to about 50 patients who have already signed up for a monthly fee. In exchange, they’ll receive anytime access to clinic owner Dr. Brian Sachs.

“You can think of it like a 24-hour gym,” Sachs says. “With their membership, patients will be able to contact me directly via cell or text – if it’s 7 at night and you’re not sure whether to go to the doctor or ER, you can call me and I’ll let you know.”

The official term is direct primary care, and experts say it’s catching on with doctors, for good reason: it can make patients healthier and their pocketbooks heavier.

“The research shows that if patients had had access to primary care before they got into a more complicated situation, the costs of delivering healthcare overall would be less,” says Antonio Re, associate dean with Madison College’s School of Health Education.

Re says the new model is a direct result of the Affordable Care Act – the law places emphasis on primary care instead of more expensive specialty or emergency care, because research shows routine check-ups can decrease the number of those emergency room visits. 

“Having more access to a physician on a regular basis, they may reduce the need for further care,” Re says.

But don’t get rid of your insurance just yet – Dr. Sachs still refers patients to the hospital for anything from x-rays to emergency room visits.

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