Planning a summer on Madison’s lakes? You’ll want to download this free app.

Clean Lakes Alliance volunteers will provide updated water conditions starting May 27th

MADISON, Wis.– Lake season is here, and the Clean Lakes Alliance is getting ready to launch its eighth year of volunteer monitoring, a program unique to the Capital City.

“What a treasure these lakes are,” quipped Adam Sodersten, Communications Director for the Madison-based Alliance. “It’s probably one of the largest in the country, if not one of the two largest in the world.”

From Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend, nearly 100 volunteers test 75 points on Madison’s five biggest lakes twice a week.

“They test their sites for clarity, water temperature, if they see a bacteria bloom, and more,” Sodersten said.

After many tests and more numbers, that information is shared with and added to tests from Public Health Madison & Dane County and the Department of Natural Resources.

The best part? All information is simplified, shared, and made publicly accessible through the Clean Lakes Alliance’s free website and app, Lake Forecast.

“If you’re planning a lake day, you’ll know that things might look a little murky at one place, but better at another,” said Sodersten. “It’s almost like checking the weather in the morning.”

2021 monitoring begins Thursday, May 27.

Click here for volunteer opportunities with the Clean Lakes Alliance.