Plan B closing, reopening as Prism Dance Club

New owners share new vision
Plan B closing, reopening as Prism Dance Club
Photo courtesy of Plan B

After more than 10 years on Williamson Street, Plan B is changing its name to Prism Dance Club.

According to a Facebook post, the new co-owners of Plan B, Rico Sabatini and Apollo Marquez, announced they will be closing Plan B on Feb. 16 in anticipation of reopening it March 1 as Prism Dance Club.

The changes to Plan B come after a controversy in December. In January, Our Lives Magazine announced the new ownership and alluded to changes that would be made to the space.

“It became apparent that the venue truly needed a fresh start and the opportunity to reach the potential of the space,” Sabatini says. “With the new partnership, we felt it was the right time for the change. We are truly excited of what we have in store for the Madison community.”

The post said the club hopes to create a welcoming party environment. Prism will partner with Lili Luxe, a local event promoter, producer and consent advocate. Luxe will help coordinate events and bookings.

“We know that people go out for a diversion from life, and they deserve a space that accepts their beauty in all forms and reflects that amazing energy and light trying to shine within us all,” Luxe said.

The new nightclub will continue to embrace the ideal of providing a safe space for all. Some of the updates included making improvements to the building, staff and security, as well as a devotion to diversity and inclusion.

“Plan B has been near and dear to me since its inception in 2009. I look forward to continuing on with its original purpose of providing an awesome, safe atmosphere to ‘just b’ in the new form of what will be Prism,” Sabatini says.