Pipes freeze early this winter

Take time to winterize your home before the holidays
Pipes freeze early this winter

The quick cool-down this November is already wreaking havoc on homes whose owners weren’t expecting winter so soon. Plumbers say they’re already receiving calls for frozen and burst pipes.

Lichtfeld Plumbing on Madison’s east side said it received three calls for frozen pipes on Friday alone.

“I did not think I would have frozen-pipe calls, not before Thanksgiving, usually not until January,” said owner Melanie Lichtfeld.

Lichtfeld says there are a number of things you can do to keep your pipes from bursting this winter, from investing in some heat tape to just making sure your basements and windows are sealed from the snow.

She adds that hoses still hooked up can also cause a problem.

“Go home, walk around the outside of your house and make sure those hoses are off the faucets,” Lichtfeld said.

Don’t forget about the pipes inside your home, either.

“If your pipes freeze and you know that they’re frozen, when you go to work, leave your cabinet door open to allow the heat to get in there,” Lichtfeld said.

With the season’s first frozen pipes hitting before the holidays, we might be in for a long winter ahead. Take this upcoming weekend to winterize your home before you return to a surprise yourself. 

 “Don’t leave your house and go deer hunting this weekend and don’t think your wife is going to take care of it,” Litchfeld said. “Maybe she’ll have a whole remodel done by the time you get home.”