Pinkie returns to home off interstate

Iconic pink elephant gets new paint job, expects new hat soon
Pinkie returns to home off interstate

A DeForest landmark that was missing for a couple days is back and looking better than ever.

The famous pink elephant, Pinkie, is back at its home at the Shell gas station off the interstate.

Community members had concerns the elephant was gone for good when they noticed it missing last week.

The owner of the gas station knows much the community loves the statue, and sent it away to get a new paint job so it will really sparkle when people stop to take pictures with it.

“He’s back. He’s not going anywhere else. Maybe 20 years after when he needs to be painted again, but nothing else then. And hopefully you guys love him again,” Pinkie’s owner Narinder Mutti said.

Pinkie is also expected to get a hat within the next two weeks.