Pines challenges Van Hollen over Walker comments

Walker accused judge of bias
Pines challenges Van Hollen over Walker comments

An attorney who brought the successful lawsuit against Gov. Scott Walker’s union law is challenging Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen over comments Walker made critical of the judge in the case.

Attorney Lester Pines sent Van Hollen a letter Tuesday asking him to clarify whether he accepts the authority of Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas to preside over the case given that Walker had called him a “liberal activist judge” who “imposed his personal political beliefs on all of us.”

Pines said it is unacceptable for Van Hollen to say nothing while his client, Walker, accuses a judge of bias and prejudice.

Van Hollen told The Associated Press in an interview on Monday that he didn’t want to comment on Walker’s statements or “go into Colas’ head.”