Picturesque Picnics

Picturesque Picnics

Elaine and Greg Strom celebrate the “Home of the Brave” quite literally with their daughter Kjera and grandson Augustus returning from Wyoming for the holiday. They keep a local theme with farmers’ market peas and carrots, organic cheese curds, Butterscotch Bread from local Murphy Farm and fresh sandwiches of salami, arugula, swiss and colby-jack.

Home-made dishes are at home on Melisa Perez’s picnic basket. Her crew’s spread includes: vegetable spring rolls, Asian slaw, vegetable pasta salad, broccoli salad, cherries, cheese and salami. And Cheez-Its and patriotic Jelly Bellies for good measure.

Libby Maurer and her picnic crew share more than food on their blanket. Their wine table, originally hailing from Bed, Bath & Beyond, has been through the ropes. After an unfortunate break, inhibiting the top from screwing into the bottom, Maurer’s friend Ian created a “makeshift apparatus that fits into a custom steel piece,” according to Maurer. Ian says it’s just “a stud.” Laughter ensues.

Chris Freemer and co. celebrates in red, white and blue guru. Their red, red wine matches the holiday centerpiece and patriotic tablecloth.