Pick ‘n Save launches fuel savings program with BP stations

A local group of grocery stores have teamed up with gas stations on a fuel rewards program, according to a news release Thursday.

Pick ‘n Save, the largest grocery banner of Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc., is working with BP to launch a points-based customer loyalty fuel rewards program throughout the state of Wisconsin, the companies said.

Beginning Thursday, Pick ‘n Save and Metro Market customers will be eligible to save up to $1 per gallon of fuel for every 1,000 points redeemed at participating BP stations. For every $100 customers spend using a free discount card, the Fresh Perks card, they save 10 cents per gallon on fuel.

To participate in the fuel rewards program, customers will need to use their Fresh Perks card with every purchase.

Pick ‘n Save shoppers can earn Fuel Points (one point for every dollar spent) by purchasing items using their Fresh Perks card.
For $100 spent on groceries, a shopper will earn 10 cents off per gallon of fuel at participating BP stations.
Each time a shopper spends an additional $100 on groceries using the Fresh Perks card, he or she will earn 10 cents more off per gallon. If a shopper spends $200, they will earn 20 cents off per gallon. Spend $400? Earn 40 cents off per gallon. Etc.

Shoppers can view their Fuel Points balance any time online or on the bottom of each receipt.