Physicians Plus to limit access to UW Hospital

Health insurance provider offers care at several new facilities
Physicians Plus to limit access to UW Hospital

A major health insurance provider in the Madison area will soon be offering care at several new facilities around Wisconsin and Minnesota, but will limit access to the University of Wisconsin Hospital.

Physicians Plus Insurance Corp. is adding the Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital/Medical College of Wisconsin to its list of places where patients can receive care.

Starting next year, Physicians Plus will limit access to UW Hospital and American Family Children’s Hospital, meaning UW Hospital will no longer be an “in-network” provider.

UW Hospital officials said they’re disappointed by the move.

“We think it is not a good thing for the community. We think it’s very unnecessary for the community and will cause potentially great disruption for physicians and their patients,” said Jeffrey Grossman, president and CEO of UW Medical Foundation.

For doctor’s office visits, members will see Physicians Plus’s network of physicians, which will include Meriter Medical Group physicians, certain independent physician groups and more than 700 UW Health physicians who refer to or practice at Meriter. Physicians Plus said members will be served at Meriter Hospital for hospital services whenever appropriate.

“A few of our members that only practice in one clinic, and it’s a small number of patients, they will have to change their physician. We have over 1,000 physicians in our networks,” said Linda Hoff, president of Physicians Plus Insurance Corp.

Hoff said two-thirds of the care delivered to Physicians Plus members at UW Hospital is offered at Meriter for almost half the cost, and she said those savings will be passed on to their members.