Physician: Staying active is a key way to manage stress during COVID-19

MADISON, Wis. — Navigating through a global pandemic is, for many, stressful and difficult. While it’s been said that exercise is a good thing,  SSM Health Family Physician Adam Buhalog says physical activity can provide much needed relief.

“Exercise makes us feel good by boosting our own bodies endorphins. Those are our happy chemicals for our brain that naturally make us think more positively, and feel better,” said Buhalog.

Though being active is one way to make the brain feel pleasure, other stress relievers could include taking a break from social media, and spending time together as an immediate family. Buhalog also says that everyone carries stress, but some may find discomfort in sharing about it. He encourages taking time to have regular thoughtful conversations as a family. You should discuss what’s going well, but also be honest about what remains challenging. When it comes to children, Buhalog says it’s important that parents listen closely to their kids, and validate their concerns.