Physician: Fun activities and laughter can boost immune system in cold and flu season

MADISON, Wis. — As we continue into the winter months, illnesses such as the cold and flu become more common. Add that to the pandemic, and many families may be wondering how they can boost their immune systems.

Dr. Michelle Roelli says there are lots of ways to boost your family’s immune systems, but her number one suggestion is at least 30 minutes of regular activity, and it can be as simple as a routine of family exercise that’s framed in a fun light.

“Instead of saying to the kids, hey let’s go out and exercise, more like let’s play. families can go for walks together, bike rides, play basketball. swimming is a great option if there’s a pool available, things that they can do together to have fun, because another way to boost the immune system is laughter,” said Roelli.

Laughter can reduce stress and anxiety, all while making you feel good, which improves your body’s immunity.

Relli also says to eat the rainbow. the variety of nutrients from colorful fruits and veggies will boost your overall health, and be sure to set a regular sleep schedule, as this is when your body produces the white blood cells needed to fight off illness.

In addition to doing all of these things, Roelli reminds families to stay on schedule with annual exams and check ups.

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