PHMDC to expand sexual & reproductive health services

MADISON, Wis. — Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade in June, demand has only gone up for reproductive and sexual health services. It’s something felt across the nation; including in Dane County.

“I think just in the swirl of what’s happened after Roe vs. Wade was overturned, we’ve definitely have seen an increase just in people and community members asking questions, looking for resources,” said Sarah Hughes, who works with Public Health Madison and Dane County.

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That spike in demand has PHMDC both reactive and proactive: reacting to more women seeking help and preparing for that trend to continue.

“We know that it’s going to touch many areas of our community, there’s going to be far-reaching impacts,” Hughes said. “But specifically, we know that it will impact reproductive health.”

Currently, PHMDC’S reproductive and sexual health is limited only to its East Washington Avenue clinic. An amendment to the city of Madison’s 2022 operating budget would change that.

“This is something that we, you know, we want to do, regardless of what’s happened with abortion access, we have been planning on and hoping to be able to offer things like IUDs out of our clinic,” Hughes said. “And this kind of gave us the boost to expedite that process.”

The possibility of an additional clinic on South Park Street, extended East Washington hours, more clinicians, and long-term contraception options all make up PHMDC’s goal of supporting even more women in the area.

“We know we’re also not the only place that people can go and get reproductive health care, which is great,” Hughes said. “And so we are hoping that this can just provide another option for people in our community.”